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"Pretend That I'm Shaking Your Hand"

- My Name is Danny, Nice to Meet You.


As a designer I believe it is my duty to expose people to cool looking stuff, whether it is my mom or someone who happens to come across my work via the internet. Design and art have the power to control the way we think and feel and I have made it a goal to make those who engage with my work feel at ease, curious and encouraged to design something of their own. My influences range from blue note album covers and comic books to modernist design of the mid 20th century. With all the great design and creators in our world I find it very difficult to be uninspired and challenge myself everyday to be the best I can be. You will often hear me say "Damn, its good to be alive", just be prepared to agree.


Random Facts

Favorite Reptile - Gila Monster

Favorite Comic Book - Wonder Woman Dead Earth

Most Valued Record - Cowboy Bebop OST (Seatbelts)

Favorite Album Sleeve - A Fireside Chat With Lucifer (Sun Ra)

Awards and Recognition

2022 Silver Addy for Illustration Through Hampton Roads Chapter

2022 Gold Hammy For Best Print Design Through VCU Student Advertising Awards

2022 VCU Robertson School Faculty Award

Here's a Quote That I Live by

"You've got to have style in whatever you do - writing, music, painting, fashion, boxing, anything." - Miles Davis

Click To Download My Resume!

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